All big things start with small beginnings!

I have been a lic'd plumber for over 20 yrs and my wife has been a high school math teacher for about the same time. in July of 2013 we were surprised to find out we would be adding another child to our family which already included three daughters and a dog.
Our newest daughter was born at 25 weeks and was a whopping 1lb3oz at birth. Ellie stayed in the NICU for 100 days and was accessorized with oxygen and other monitors when she finally came home. After prayers and discussions as to what would be best to care for our miracle baby, we decided that I would stay home with Ellie during the day and my wife would continue to teach where she has the daily opportunity to impact the lives of so many young people in not just math but also the ability show the love of Christ.
As you can understand, we need more than one income for our household. We have confidence in God and His provision. We felt impressed to start a woodworking business that would focus on building furniture out of pallet and reclaimed wood. We needed a name and asked friends and family for suggestions. A friend suggested MySquare Woodworking. My Square originated from a game at church our girls have enjoyed with anyone who would be willing to accept the challenge. It was their version of king of the mountain but instead it was all about who controlled the square shape in the Childrens hallway rug at church... There was always a race to the square... The first one there proclaimed "My Square!!!!". We also saw that each side of the square represents one of our daughters. From there My Square was born.
Our Etsy shop is a one part of our business as we also still build pallet furniture, fill custom order projects on a regular basis and also do some kitchen remodeling.
We started our business in May of 2014. We have watched it grow into what it is today and are very excited to see what tomorrow brings. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service and a quality product. The world we live in constantly changes and so do the needs of our customers. It is our desire to roll with the times and expand our product line as time and change require.
As for Ellie, she is doing GREAT! She no longer requires the oxygen or other monitors. She is healthy and a very happy little girl. We are a happy family with a dog....
When we say we are a family business....we are! My wife and I have a hand in every order shipped and it is never a surprise to see our two middle daughters Olivia and Ava hanging out or working with us in the shop. We are thankful for your time to check out our shop and always grateful for your business.

May God bless you and your family,

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